All my Katniss feelings are falling out right now oh my god

She’s such an unlikeable heroine and I LOVE HER

And I know there are issues with Jennifer being cast as her as opposed to a WOC but SHE SLAYS IT in Catching Fire, that last gif? That scene gives me chills. Half these moments make me cry. 


Does anyone ever think about actual fashion at Hogwarts when not in school robes? It was the nineties dude. I want kids sitting around their common rooms in like leggings and neon sweatshirts, or grungey flannels and acid-wash jeans, or that specific look with long greenish 70s-esque dresses and loafers and slouchy white socks.

Imagine it.


Dipper: vamellope
Mabel: ME

/lying on the floor quietly weeping

Can I go into the Gravity Falls tag again yet or are people still Once-Ler-style shitting themselves over Bipper

I just watched Sock Opera and this is me right now:

Sailor Moon Manga: Minako Aino/Sailor Venus [ENTJ]



Extroverted Thinking (Te): Te is what makes Minako the ideal leader of the Senshi. Her first scene in the Sailor Moon manga had her commanding the Senshi to remember their past lives as Serenity’s guardians. Further on, when Serenity and Endymion were killed by Serenity’s own hand, Minako deduced that she and the rest of the Senshi would need to lay down their lives to revive Serenity and quickly convinced them to do so. Her Te is so strong, that during the Black Moon arc, when Mercury and Jupiter were abducted, Minako pressed Chibiusa for information, intimidating the little girl. She was angered that she couldn’t get any information out of Chibiusa, whom she suspected was related to the Black Moon Clan’s plans. Minako’s Te imparts to her an acute awareness of what needs to be done for the Senshi to accomplish their goals, and an unwavering determination to lead the Senshi into realizing their ultimate goal.


Introverted Intuiting (Ni): Minako is extremely future-oriented, and even has flashes of the future, in the form of recurring dreams in which she sees Usagi’s corpse. At the end of C:SV, she was faced with the decision of taking Danburite, a Dark Kingdom minion as her one true love, or she could continue on with her mission and kill him. Minako refused to give in to her Fi, and for the sake of her mission, killed her only chance at happiness and a comfortable teenage life. She knows best what could lie in the future of Princess Serenity, and by extension, the Moon Kingdom.


Extroverted Sensing (Se): Minako is extremely athletic and in touch with her Se. She is an expert volleyball player. Her tertiary Se translates into a quick physicality, shown multiple times. She kicks a brainwashed Makoto into unconsciousness when Makoto was about to hurt Usagi. She often kills youma with one kick and is quick to use the stone sword to kill Beryl in the final battle of the first arc.


Introverted Feeling (Fi): Minako denies her inner feelings a lot, masking the wounds on her heart with a hypercompetitive, feisty, world-is-mine approach to life. Her Fi is constantly being repressed by her, only to come bubbling to the surface as insecurity about being fit to lead the Senshi, as shown in the Venus dream chapter. Fi is also expressed in frustrated outbursts, such as when she screams at Rei that yeah, she’s not graceful, or well-behaved. Minako’s insecurities are manifestions of a broken Fi, something that she tries to ignore, sometimes to her detriment.

Note: Minako Aino’s functions are Te-Ni-Se-Fi, aka ENTJ, or the Executive. it should be noted that this is during the Sailor Moon manga, not the Codename: Sailor V manga, in which Minako was an ESTP. I originally had Minako pegged as an ENTP before, but I realize that her Te is too strong to be of that type.


Eowyn as commentary on gender roles is actually very interesting. She comes from a culture that values prowess in arms and glory in battle above all else, and also restricts war, the thing that grants both, to men.

Her going into battle is a defiance of that restriction, and a cosmically ordained one at that. She, a woman, was destined to be there. Illuvatar had a direct hand in her life.

Her choice to turn from glory in battle and to seek glory as a healer, considered more feminine in this mythos, is a rejection of the patriarchal import her people place on glory through the male province of battle.

What Eowyn Shieldmaiden of Rohan fears most is a cage, and she smashes that cage to bits.

This is so important though.

Eowyn becoming a healer isn’t her “giving up” on being a ~badass~ or “becoming weak.” (First of all, check your internalized misogyny at assuming healing is weak or non-badass.) Eowyn didn’t want to go into battle because she loved battle. She was fucking miserable the entire time she was at war. She wanted to go into battle because she wanted to stand with her people, to help her people, to be seen in equal light, to be of equal value. And she was miserable. She actively hoped she would die in battle (which was partly for glory and partly, I think, because she so thoroughly hated her life).

Faramir, her time in the Houses of Healing, and her ultimate choice to pursue healing is not a weakening. It’s a strengthening. It’s Eowyn finding a place where SHE feels valued, where SHE feels strong, where SHE feels she has attained honor and glory.

Here’s a quote for you from RotK:

"Then the heart of Éowyn changed, or else at last she understood it… …’I will be a shieldmaiden no longer, nor vie with the great Riders, nor take joy only in the songs of slaying. I will be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren.’"

Eowyn finds healing for herself through healing others. She frees herself by aligning herself with the glory of life, not the glory of death. And if you don’t think that’s strong or badass or worthwhile, I don’t get you.