when i find myself in times of trouble
alloran semitur corrass comes to me
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I just laughed raucously

A message from froth

Please sort the magic knights into Harry Potter houses. I'd do it but I don't know anything about Harry Potter.



Fuu is obviously Ravenclaw. No need to think about it. Ravenclaws both value and embody intelligence, logic, and wit - being able to think on one’s feet. They get into their private dorm area by answering a riddle that changes every day. Also, Ravenclaw roughly (and possibly unofficially, I’m not sure) corresponds to the element of air, so that’s a fun bonus.

At first I thought Hikaru and Umi were just as easy - Gryffindor and Slytherin - but then I thought about it and it got more complicated. It’s true that each house tends to embody/emphasize certain qualities, but when the Sorting Hat places a student in a house, it doesn’t just take into account the student’s existing personality. It also can see their potential for development, and it also takes into consideration what traits they value, whether they currently embody those traits or not.

Hikaru seems at first like a classic Gryffindor - brave, daring, strong and outgoing. But one of the key elements of Hikaru’s character is her abundant love for other people and her desire to create harmony. She wants everything to work out as fairly as possible for everyone - and that’s Hufflepuff to the core. She also is incredibly loyal, determined, and a hard worker, which are Hufflepuff traits as well.

I’m so tempted to put her in Gryffindor because it’s obvious, and because their colors and red and gold, they correspond with fire, and their animal emblem is a lion. IT SCREAMS HIKARU. But when you get the core of who she is as a person, I honestly think she’s more of a Hufflepuff. I think the Sorting Hat might put her in either house, probably based on what her opinions of the houses were. If she thought Gryffindors seemed cool, she’d end up there; if her first thought was that the Hufflepuffs sure were neat, she’d end up there.

Umi struck me first as a Slytherin because while she’s clever like Fuu, there’s a touch more cunning to Umi’s quick-thinking. It’s a matter of semantics, largely (I personally think the overlap between Slytherin and Ravenclaw in general is greater than either house would admit), but that cunning coupled with her higher status (there is a trend for well-to-dos in the wizarding community to end up in Slytherin), it was my first thought. She’s also resourceful and sticks to her guns, which reinforced it. (Slytherin is also associated with water, so it’s tempting.)

Then I considered that she might be a Gryffindor. She’s pretty daring and nervy, which are big Griffyndor qualities. I think her doggedness can be attributed to either Slytherin or Gryffindor, so ultimately for Umi I think it comes down to the qualities she values moreso than the ones she embodies. Thinking about it, I do think she’d pride herself more on being resourceful and clever enough to always accomplish the things she sets her mind to, and that’s Slytherin all over.

So, ultimately, Fuu is definitely in Ravenclaw, Umi is probably Slytherin, and Hikaru could end up in either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff depending how the Sorting Hat judged her.

One could also phrase it this way: Hikaru in the anime is a Gryffindor; in the manga, she’s a Hufflepuff.

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"You were brave. You were strong. You were good. You mattered.

fuck this fucking fandom i swear to fucking god
Listen up nibblets, I am a veteran Animorphs fan and I STILL have this reaction to this shit. AND RACHEL ISN’T EVEN MY FAVORITE.
FUck this fandom fuck these books being an Animorphs fan is fucking suffering

"You were brave. You were strong. You were good. You mattered.

fuck this fucking fandom i swear to fucking god

Listen up nibblets, I am a veteran Animorphs fan and I STILL have this reaction to this shit. AND RACHEL ISN’T EVEN MY FAVORITE.

FUck this fandom fuck these books being an Animorphs fan is fucking suffering

My Name Is…



The meaning of the name Jake is Supplanter.

Jake as a supplanter is strangely accurate. He supplants Visser One, effectively destroying the Yeerk empire. He is the savior, the hero, replacing anyone who held the role before. He is the President of Earth.

In a way, he supplants Elfangor, by becoming the great hero. He does it in a way that even Elfangor found unimaginable. He destroys countless Yeerks in an act that Elfangor refused. 


The meaning of the name Rachel is Ewe. 

Rachel is the black sheep of the Animorphs. The others fight in the war for the greater good. Rachel fights in the war because she enjoys it.

Sheep are commonly used as a sacrificial animal. In her final act, she followed Jake’s directions to her death, becoming the sacrificial lamb.


The meaning of the name Marco is Warlike.

Marco is the definition of warlike. He’s not a leader like Jake or a warrior like Rachel. He is the strategist. He sees the battlefield and the best way to win. He is in this war only to win. No matter what it takes. No matter what it costs.

Even after the war is over, he views his life as a different battlefield. One that he must continue to conquer.


The meaning of the name Cassie is Diminutive Form Of Cassandra.

  • The meaning of the name Cassandra is She Who Entangles Men.

  • Notes: Shakespeare Character in “Troilus and Cressida.” Cassandra was a Trojan princess, the daughter of Priam and Hecuba. She was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, but when she spurned his advances he cursed her so nobody would believe her prophecies.

Cassie is a modern version of Cassandra. Cassie sees the outcomes that no one else does and will often act on those much to the dismay of her teammates. She allows Aftran to go free after voluntarily being infested and becoming a nothlit.

Because she sees that it could change the course of the war. The same is done when she allows Tom to take the blue box. These actions make her teammates not trust her at times. She is the seer. She is the anomaly. No one can see the futures she does.


The meaning of the name Tobias is God Is Good.

Tobias, however, has an ironic name meaning. A child abandoned by his parents, shuffled between neglectful relatives, bullied by his peers.

Even as an Animorph, he is trapped as a hawk, fighting to survive more so than the others, tortured, and eventually watches the one he loves murdered. He is the orphan no matter what.

God is not good.

First of all: I’m not crying. You’re crying. Don’t even talk to me about the Jake part. Don’t touch me.

Second: Cassie as Cassandra is brilliant. Cassandra was seen as mad, ignored, written off, her predictions not trusted. Cassie’s teammates consistently do not trust her. Sometimes they do, but it’s usually grudgingly. Even Jake regularly doubts her judgment. And yet Cassie ends up making some of the most pivotal judgment calls in the entire series. She sees, but she is never believed. I’m rolling on the floor with how good this is.


more goofy 90s kids, oops
jake would be cute as heck with an undercut, y/y?

That’s pretty much how I’ve always pictured Jake’s hair too so ahhhhhh <3


more goofy 90s kids, oops

jake would be cute as heck with an undercut, y/y?


That’s pretty much how I’ve always pictured Jake’s hair too so ahhhhhh <3



accidental andalite-style smooch



Marco Is A Slytherin



This post is part of a series of Slytherin and Hufflepuff sorting headcanons by your friendly neighborhood mods at slytherpuff-commonroom

Spoilers for the Animorphs Series Ahead, if that bothers you…


Ah Animorphs, a fond childhood memory for some of us here on tumblr. A nice childhood story about children given incredible power and overcome great odd to save the world and humankind. A typical YA scifi, right?

Um… no. Not really.

Full of violence and hard moral decisions the Animorphs series can be a tough set of books for even grown adults to deal with, conceptually.

The cast of the series is constantly faced with impossible decisions, choices and then deal with the consequences both mental, and emotional. From the very beginning Marco is an obvious Slytherin, and the fact only gets more pronounced as the series goes on.

Lets start with those necessary Slytherin traits. 



-Self Preservation

-And little bit of ruthlessness.

If we add in the more fannon traits of snark, sarcasm, and a bit of pragmatism we’ve just described Marco in a nutshell and you really can’t argue otherwise.

Marco is the first to argue that they’re children, and cannot honestly be expected to fight what amounts to an alien invasion. While he is eventually convinced, first for Jake’s brother’s sake, and then for his own Mother, Marco is always the first person to point out the ridiculousness of their situation in a way that highlights how much he would rather have done it any other way.

On the other hand, as much as Marco insists that this war isn’t really Theirs to be fighting, he is often the one with the plans that make it work, and the one to point out the hard solutions are sometimes the only ones left. 

As for ambition? Well, out of the Animorphs, Marco ended up the famous one, the A-list celebrity, the one doing talk shows, the one wit the mansion. Something the others flight to get away from, Marco embraces the fame, and the sort of power that goes with it.


All views posted here are purely the thoughts of the Hufflepuff Mod, otherwise known as Me. I do not know the inner workings of the Slytherin mind, although Slytherins are pretty damn awesome. 

No totally, you are. I swear. 

Like I would lie? Hufflepuff remember? I’m the bastion of sincerity. 



can you imagine though like

after the ending

the animorphs are all on a talk show

laughing and joking having a good time even jakes making a good show of things

and then they take questions from the audience

and someone goes

"i’m an ex controller, and what was up with that one time there was an extra one of you for like, a week?"

and they just instantly go blank faced and end the interview then and there, they just leave

and from then on reporters ask about the ‘sixth animorph’ but its always their last question b/c none of the animorphs are ever willing to talk about it


Disney seriously needs to cut it out with their male protagonists lately because between Flynn/Eugene and Kristoff I’m just like “STOP MAKING MY IDEAL MAN OH MY GOD DISNEY”


in “reindeers are better than people” kristoff’s all goofy and “PEOPLE WILL CHEAT YOU AND SCREW YOU OVER” and everybody’s like haha!! charming!! and i’m like 

who hurt you 

who hurt you 

Personally I think he’s just straight-up referring to what just happened with Oaken and nothing more - like I think that’s all that was intended.

But we like to sit and think about the other possible implications. Because Kristoff.